Hill Height Farm

Located in the Flint Hills near Manhattan, Kansas

Fine fleeced sheep are here!

Fourteen sheep arrived on my farm Oct. 2, shipped from Indiana and Michigan. They came from two of the top breeders in the nation for fine fleeced Shetlands.

These sheep are different from the Shetlands I already have on my farm. Their fleeces are finer with tight crimp, they are registered, and… they’re a lot more tame! Some of them are very tame.

There are three rams and eleven ewes. I selected my favorite ram (he has the finest fleece and is black and white spotted. The remaining sheep were chosen with genetic diversity in mind as well as intention to enable membership with Fine Fleeced Shetland Sheep Association (FFSSA). In order to be a member of FFSSA, my registered Shetlands must have wool with a specified fineness.

All three Rams are horned. Some of the ewes may have polled genetics. We’ll see what we get this Spring!





Sheep for sale


We have some purebred Shetland Sheep for sale as well as Shetland/Icelandic cross sheep. 

Grass-fed meat will also be available beginning in September.

Visit our For sale page to see pictures of available sheep.

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